Welcome to Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication is an extra layer of protection for your Laurier account and is an easy way to protect your Microsoft 365 email and Single Sign-on (SSO) login.

MFA requires the user to provide two or more independent items to verify your identity, typically something you know (i.e., your Laurier username and password) and something you have (i.e., a time-based code).

Enroll in MFA

Setting up MFA? Select Enroll in MFA to enroll or update your MFA configuration.

Get Emergency Login Codes

Set up emergency login codes. Emergency login codes are only used when you do not have access to your usual MFA codes (e.g., forgot/lost/broke your mobile device or security key).

Suspend MFA (Emergency)

Use your emergency login code to temporarily suspend your MFA. Haven’t set up your emergency codes or do not know them? Contact the ICT Service Desk at 226.243.6393 during Business Hours for immediate assistance.